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An important part of Graells production is designed for the fine chemicals sector, where quality levels are very strict. That is why we have a professional team who carry out intensives controls of packaging and productive process from its origin to its destination to guarantee our products.

The verifications checks of the certification of approval are done by:

· Control unit included in the productive process, where the following checks are done by:

  • · Welding control.
  • · Tightness control.
  • · Enamel control.
  • · Finish control.

· By sampling, where the following tests are done:

  • · Fill the container to its limits.
  • · Put static maintained weight.
  • · Fall on different level.
  • · Sealing with internal hydraulic pressure.

The containers are approved in full for land, air, sea and rail.

The health certificate is our best guarantee. Our containers are suitable for delicate and aggressive food products thanks to the wide range of internal finishes.

All packages can customized with colors, signage and finishes.

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