Plugs and flanges  

Metal plugs Tri-Sure®

The metal caps Tri-Sure ® are available in the measures G2 and G3 / 4, the standard product is galvanized for corrosion resistance. Other options include phosphate, painted or stainless steel. Phenolic or Epoxy-phenolic lacquer are available for protection against aggressive products. The systems available washers / gaskets are EPDM, rubber, black or (Irradiation) washers / gaskets polyethylene plugs are standard. Other options include Viton ® and Nitrile white.

Plastiplug plugs  

Plastic Corks Tri-Sure®

The plastic caps Tri-Sure ® are available in the measures G2 and G3 / 4, these plastic plugs are designed to suit the special characteristics of metal containers. The Polypropylene and Nylon plugs offer excellent quality, ultimate strength and high performance. The line includes cap-type “solid” and caps combined G2. The combined caps are equipped with a central hole G3 / 4 and a ta pon G3 / 4 included.

Metal Tab Seal cap  

Precincts Tab-Seal®

The Tab-Seal ® plugs metal Tri-Sure ® are available in G2 and G3 measures. Our line of caps designed to ensure easy application. This type of Tab-Seal screw cap is threaded on the closure with a special accessory and provides security against leaks or undetected substitutions on the contents of the drums. The Tab-Seal screw caps can be removed without effort using a universal key to taponesTri-Sure.

Metal Tab Seal cap  

Plastic Sambacap

Plastic Sambacap Tri-Sure ® caps are used to cover closing drums. The system “easy on/easy off” allows to put the caps Sambacap quickly and without tools. They are special to protect the closing system Tri-Sure® from dirt, pollution, pilferage or substitution of the drum contents.



PLASTIROB taps can be adapted directly to the opening of G3 / 4 of the container or in combination with plastic plugs G2 with central opening G3 / 4. Available in two sizes, 17 and 12 mm. Specifically designed for filling bottles. PLASTIROB These faucets are available in polypropylene (PP) and nylon.


Tri-Sure® Plug wrenches

There are a variety of accessories available for opening and closing so that operators can apply Tri-Sure products in metal drums and plastic keys recomendads correctly. We can also provide all technical information you need to incorporate the system Tri-Sure Closures in your own game production process.

Pneumatic crimptool  

Precintadoras Tab-Seal ® for plastic and metal

There are several options available for threaded fittings for both manual tire production needs and also for automatic applications Tab-Seal caps.

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